Customer Support

NameHealth check

Trained service engineers from PSN has the necessary skills and are equipped with necessary tools to make periodic health checks of the machines and give suitable suggestions on upkeep, repairs or replacement of components in such a way that the machines are always available for work and are in good working condition.

Expert diagnostic and Breakdown repairs

In the event of a breakdown of an equipment our trained Service Engineers attend to them expeditiously through Expert Diagnostics and thereafter carry out the necessary repairs. It is our endeavour to reduce the downtime of the machines to the minimum.


Annual Service Contract (ASC)

Scheduled visits by the service personnel of PSN  for equipment monitoring and recommending changes to optimized performance.

Component re-conditioning

Strategically located reconditioning workshop in Cochin and Bangalore provide carry in service for various hydraulic components. At these centers, customers can walk in with the failed components where the failures are assessed on the spot and an estimate on repairs is given. On acceptance of the estimate, the components are repaired at a reasonable cost.
The component covered are: 
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Hyduralic Cylinder
  • Transmission
  • Engines


Machine re-conditioning

PSN offers comprehensive reconditioning of machines at their fully equipped reconditioning centers at Cochin and Dharwad. At these centers, old machines are thoroughly evaluated and complete refurbishing of machines are undertaken, thereby rejuvenating the equipment for further use. This helps in not only enhancing the life of the equipment, but also ensures overall cost effectiveness and profitability of our customers.